Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit

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Author: James W. Goll

  This revelatory message, Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit, based out of Hebrews 5:14, is lively, refreshing and instructional. As you surrender your five natural senses to the Holy Spirit and become anointed tools to bring you into heightened awareness of God’s presence, power and gifting. These lessons James learned years ago from Seer Prophet Bob Jones.

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Battle Plans for Overcomers
In this his fresh message on spiritual warfare, James exposes the enemies strategies and gives us tools to recognize and defeat the enemy. He reminds us that many times our adversities are really opportunities to come up..
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Well Women Lead Well
With wit, humor and wisdom, James brings Biblical stories of how God worked through women. Not just because these women were all that were willing, but rather, they were the most available for the task. Are you available..
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The Gift of Faith
This is not man’s faith. This is not even the measure of faith each believer receives. This is neither the fruit of faithfulness, though that is extremely important. This is the gift of faith – a tiny portion of God’s fa..
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This Is How Compassion Acts
This message, by Michal Ann Goll was the founding message that launched this vibrant life changing global ministry. This is Michal Ann in her strength when she shared in her class combining a wealth of scripture and the ..
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Praying for Those in Authority
Scripture commands us to pray for kings and all those in authority so that we may live peaceful and ordered lives and so all people may be saved. It is not a time to just to listen to the wisdom of scriptures and church ..
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Reclaiming America for God
Jon Hamill takes us on a Historic journey from Colonial America to the modern day, chronicling the covenants that were established by our fore fathers. This dynamic message will encourage and bring new hope that America ..
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Trends in Prophetic Ministry Today
In this audio message, James is interviewed by Jennifer LeClaire and Ryan Strange on Trends in Prophetic Ministry Today. James tells some of his recent dreams and encounters from the Lord along with perspective and insig..
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The Glory Train in the Land
This unique message comes from on and Jolene Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries as they tour the entire United States on a TRAIN with Prayer Stops and Rallies at strategic sites. Jon declares, "All aboard the Glory Train f..
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This fresh message was given at Randy Clark Voice of the Prophets 2016 in PA. This is as much of an experience as it is a teaching. James led the people in prophetic worship, released pockets of teaching that were mixed ..
Duration: 1:19:55 Author: James W. Goll  
It’s Time for a Prayer Convergence!
In this lively teleconference call between Jon Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries and James Goll with Encounters Network, you will be touched by a divine synergy in the Holy Spirit. Personal history is rehearsed and a conv..
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Entering into the Intercession of Christ
Do you want to learn how pray with God and not just pray to God? If that is the case, then this message on Entering Into the Intercession of Christ was spoken with you in mind. How did Jesus pray? Was there one form He u..
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Convergence of the Ages
This classic message is James at his best. With prophetic urgency James tells us that the best of every historic move of God throughout church history is being brought together for such a time as this. Jesus is serving t..
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The Office and Ministry of a Prophet
James brings solid teaching on the prophetic: the gift of prophecy, who prophets are, and how they function. James answers many questions about the different kinds prophets and why their messages are sometimes so diverse..
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God's WWW - Will, Word and Ways
James takes us on a Holy Spirit guided tour of Exodus 33 into three different sets of verses but in a backwards order. You will understand as you listen to this wisdom filled message. God has The Original WWW: His Will, ..
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No Matter What Comes, God Is Good
This inspiring message corresponds to the 9th chapter of the book Finding Hope – rediscovering life after tragedy. This raw and real narrative gives you a glimpse into the truths that the Holy Spirit taught James as he s..
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An Appeal to Heaven
This fresh message takes James’ early message on Generational Blessings from Deliverance from Darkness and combines it with understandings from The Power of Proclamation found in his Prophetic Intercession series and cre..
Duration: 1:10:09 Author: James W. Goll  

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