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Compassion Acts

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This message, by Michal Ann Goll was the founding message that launched this vibrant life changing global ministry. This is Michal Ann in her strength when she shared in her class combining a wealth of scripture and the depth of her heart.  A Classic message that must be passed on to all!
For more understanding on this topic, see the book Compassion or the Related CD set Understanding Compassion.

Stay in the River!
Here is a great inspiring message by the Director of Compassion Acts on the value of staying in the River of God’s Presence. The Lord spoke to Mark about the necessity of catching the next wave of God’s Purpose..
Duration: 27:51 1457 Author: Mark Roye  
Get God's Perspective
Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares shares his heart with you. This message was given at Compassion Acts Light Belongs in the Darkness Conference in the spring of 2011. and has jewels of wisdom for each of us.
Duration: 53:02 1603 Author: Doug Stringer  
The Value of a Child
Patricia King sounds a compassionate trumpet for us in the area of rescuing children sold into the sex trade slavery industry. This message goes through scripture on the value of a child from Moses to Jesus and..
Duration: 1:13:24 2509 Author: Patricia King  
Compassion: The Necessary Ingredient
James brings us a solid Biblical teaching that was used to help write the book Compassion - A Call to Take Action. Jesus was motivated by compassion and great results came forth. You too can add the Necessary I..
Duration: 1263 Author: James W. Goll  
Talitha Koum
Shelvi Gilmore of Welcome Home International ministry has been a close personal friend of EN and CA for years. Shelvi shares amazing stories filled with compassion, boldness and humor and imparts faith for the ..
Duration: 51:39 1189 Author: Shelvi Gilmore  
Living a Life of Compassion
Doug Stringer, founder of Somebody Cares International, based in Houston, Texas, brings a part of his personal journey to us in this inspirational message. Doug is one of the true apostolic fathers of compassio..
Duration: 57:07 1115 Author: Doug Stringer  
A Great is the Company of Women
Michal Ann shared at the 10th annual Women on the Frontlines conference not realizing this would be the last message she would give. Listen and share with others the true riches of a giant in the faith!
Duration: 1:57:00 3176 Author: Michal Ann Goll  
Light Belongs in The Darkness
Patricia King always brings a cutting edge word of the Lord when she speaks. This message is no exception. Spoken in May of 2011, at the Light Belongs in Darkness Conference for Compassion Acts, Patricia urges ..
Duration: 1:06:04 1289 Author: Patricia King  
Invigorated by His Presence
Duration: 59:57 4070 Author: Michal Ann Goll  
Stop for the One
In a typical Heidi Baker style that wrecks your world, she delivers a timeless message that carries God’s heart and delivers a call to make a difference in this life by being a laid-down lover for Jesus. In Hei..
Duration: 1:22:01 3783 Author: Heidi Baker  
Compassionate Healers
Cindy Jacobs of Generals International delivers a message straight from the life of Jesus in the Gospels combining the themes of Compassion and Healing. She brings it as a "now word" filled with inspiring testi..
Duration: 3024 Author: Cindy Jacobs  
Ambassadors of Hope
This is one of James’ new life messages: Ambassadors of Hope. It is solid biblically and full of stories, testimonies and revelation from dreams that have shaped and impacted James in the last couple of years. ..
Duration: 54:15 2727 Author: James W. Goll  
Compassion Acts
This message, by Michal Ann Goll was the founding message that launched this vibrant life changing global ministry. This is Michal Ann in her strength when she shared in her class combining a wealth of scriptur..
Duration: 53:53 1968 Author: Michal Ann Goll  
No More Fear
This is Michal Ann in her strength at possibly at her finest and most effective hour. Go on a journey with her into the land where there are No More Fears! Learn from the lives of others as she takes you on the..
Duration: 53:17 2000 Author: Michal Ann Goll  
From Passion to Compassion
This is the second in the classic series Michal Ann Goll taught while in her strength in a class she hosted on Compassion. She challenges the renewed and empowered believers into actions and to have works that ..
Duration: 54:47 2145 Author: Michal Ann Goll  
God Multiplies the Little Loaves
In this life message, Mark Roye, Director of Blood 'n Fire San Antonio and Compassion Acts, encourages us to give all we have to the Lord – even our little things. When we do, we get to watch God move in our be..
Duration: 59:29 628 Author: Mark Roye