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Eight Strategic Turning Points
This potent prophetic message was delivered by James at the Iris Nashville GO Conference September 6, 2014. It contains both words of promise and words of warning on what is coming. We see, in part, know in par..

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 1:09:24
Summer 2014 Partner's Update
The Goll’s have been recording these personal Quarterly Update messages for over 20 years, whether it was the beginnings of Ministry to the Nations while in MO or the transition to Encounters Network based in T..

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 45:24
Spring 2014 Quarterly Update

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 27:51
Insights for 2014 and Beyond
This message was released at the HIM Prophetic Conference in Pasadena, CA in January 2014 at the Ambassador Auditorium. James reviews 8 Clear Words he presented in 2013 and then adds 5 Insights for 2014 and Bey..

Author: James Goll          Duration: 1:26:39
Fall 2013 Quarterly Update
In this Quarterly Update message from November 2013, James takes you behind the scenes of the many expressions of Encounters Network and his own life to give you a personal report. Learn current information abo..

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 1:12:39
Summer 2013 Quarterly Update

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 25:17
Introducing "The Lifestyle of a Prophet"
Join respected prophetic leader James W. Goll for an incredible journey into the heart of the prophetic calling. This unique, hands on 21-day guide will help you develop the intimacy with God essential to heari..

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 8:56
Spring 2013 Quarterly Update

Author: James W. Goll          Duration: 39:45
A Radical Faith - New Release and Book Review
All of us dwell in a world hostile to the heavenly Kingdom. We must constantly battle an enemy who wants nothing more than to destroy us. Under such pressure, cracks can creep into the footings of our faith; be..

Author: James W, Goll          Duration: 0:07:55
Spring 2011 Quarterly Update
Here is a Spring Update message from James W. Goll with wisdom perspective on the times is which we are living - how to respond to prophetic warnings, disasters, and a biblical reference to work from. Message i..

Author: James Goll          Duration: 27:07